Ever Feel Lost?

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Ever Feel Lost?

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I know that I cannot be the only person who feel like this. At times I question whether or not I am gay and whether or not I should have gone down this path. But I think it is the wrong idea, because first that assumes I choose to be gay and well I didn't choose any of this. However, I will admit that I am attracted to both sexes but I have only had relationships with guys, that's just the way things worked out. Anytime I have ever asked for advice on the subject I would get responses along the lines of that I am gay, you can't change who you are and that sort of stuff. First, I agree, I can't change who I am, but I think I backed myself into a corner with the labels, that I am gay and I should just date guys. I think people need to understand that this sexual orientation thing is not a fucking label, be with who you want to be with, love who you want to love and if you find people attractive that do not follow the label, just accept it and embrace it and get that stuff figured out before you get older. Perhaps I am wrong but I feel that being in your 30's and trying to date women for the first time since high school might be difficult for a number of reasons.

Now I am not professing to know anything, I'm very much ignorant about things but I know this. I don't have to understand everyone, but I can accept everyone for who they are. I am very much on my own journey as is everyone else. To make people know and understand that they're not alone in all this I think can help someone.

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