My Introduction and Why I started this site

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My Introduction and Why I started this site

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Introductions are kind of tricky. I'm not really sure where to start but I am a geek and is in part why this website exists. I'm a geek, or a nerd or maybe I'm both. I have a bunch of hobbies, things like aquariums, hiking, painting, programming... I've even gone storm chasing once. Tech is a big part of my life and overall I enjoy it quite a bit. I am a bit of an introvert but that doesn't mean I am boring, I do like to share stuff with people.

I have had a long history of participating on forums and I have off and on had different websites, including forums. The first forum I ever joined was way back in 2002...2003, something like that. Forums are sort of a special place where we can come together and discuss a wide array of topics in a civil manner. Which is odd because when you think about it, people tend to be more civil in discussing sensitive topics on a forum, using a made up alias whereas on social media where people tend to use their real names are anything but.

So what is my goal with this website? It might be wishful thinking to have a very successful site on what is seemingly a declining platform. I do want to create a welcoming environment where those who are LGBTQ or allies can all come together to discuss all topics, LGBTQ related or not. I do think we can discuss any topic and keep it civil and respectful while still getting our point across. I say that because I have talked about very sensitive or topics that tend to trigger people and done so in a civil manner...I've also seen it turn into a cluster fuck. I have seen a lot of good and bad things happen on forums. I think the key to being successful is proper moderation and that is something that isn't always clear when to step in. My efforts will be to find the balance of not stepping on toes but also act when it is needed. It's not so much about creating a safe space in that I want to prevent others who might have different opinions from voicing them. That being said there are opinions and beliefs that are, how shall I say, a bridge too far. I think most people get it and if you don't, just send me a PM if you need clarification.

It is very difficult to be successful with a website, you can have all the best things, do all right things and just never gain much traction. It is true that online forums aren't what they used to be and you can thank social media for that. That being said, I think social media is a poor substitute for forums. Afterall, it seems most people just have short quips and memes to express themselves which I find disappointing and shallow if not completely idiotic at times. I'm not saying social media doesn't have its place or that it is all bad, just not the best platform for having thoughtful and meaningful conversations in my opinion.

So help spread the word, tell all your friends. The more people there are, the better. It will be kind of a ghost town for a while, that's just how things are at the start. Don't be shy either, start new threads whenever you like, let me know if there are problems or something you think that could be done better.

Take care :D

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